Solar Energy For Agriculture And Solar Pumps

If you need to supply water beyond the reach of power lines, then solar power can solve the problem PV power provide a welcome alternative to fuel burning engines, windmills and hand pumps. They produce best during sunny weather when the need for water is greatest solar water pumps are specially designed to utilize DC electric power from PV panels. A surface pump is one that is mounted at ground level. A submersible pump is one that is lowered into the water. Most deepwell use submer sible pumps.

A pump controller(current booster) is on electronic device used with most solar pumps it acts like on automatic transmission helping the pump to start and not to stop in weak sunlight. A solar tracker may be used to tilt the PV array as the sun moves accros the sky. This increases daily energy gain by as much as %55 percent.

Storage is important three to ten days storage may be required, depending on climate and water usage. Most system use water storage rather than batteries for simplicity and economic

What is it used for
-Live stock watering
-Domestic water

Tarımda Solar Enerji Kullanımı, Solar Pompa

Solar Energy For Agriculture And Solar Pumps